3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I’m so excited to head to Savannah tomorrow night!  While my last trip home was lightning quick, this one will be a nice 5-night vacay.  This time, my beau will be joining me, which will make the trip even nicer.  I’m also happy to squeeze in a night out with a friend before leaving town – can’t wait for dinner and drinks with Rebekah tonight!

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The Murray’s in Grand Central started keeping a few of the leftover bits of cheese by the register.  It’s a great way to discover new faves, like this chevre noir that I particularly enjoyed.  Another discovery: Trader Joe’s pita bite crackers.  They’re light and delicious.

3 on thurs2

Albert and I just received the coolest engagement gift!  Tinggly is a credit for an experience at destinations all over the world.  We can go on a sailboat cruise, wine tour, hot air balloon ride – there are tons of options.  It will be great to use this either on our honeymoon or for a little staycation adventure to relax pre-wedding.

3 on thurs3

Another Friday night, another fabulous Yacht Rock experience.  This was one of the best concerts yet since the former lead singer of Journey made a special appearance and played all the hits.

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