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Book Review: In The Woods

After reading The Secret Place, I was down to read another Tana French thriller.  I really enjoyed it but was frustrated by the number of loose ends left at the end.  Detectives Ryan and Maddox are summoned to work on the case of a young girl who was murdered in the woods of a Dublin suburb.  This proves particularly difficult for Ryan who was the victim of a vicious crime in the same woods 20 years prior.

As a character study, this novel is great.  As the case progresses, Detective Ryan begins to unravel at impressive speed.  As a thriller…I was not that impressed.  I was definitely at the edge of  my seat but disappointed to realize that only one of the two mysteries was solved.  And the one that was solved should have been figured out way earlier.  It was a “only an idiot would have forgotten to check there” sort of thing.

3 out of 5 stars.

in the woods


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