3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for the last two days.  I was on vacation, but now it’s back to business.  I feel like after three days out of the office, I’ve forgotten how to work!

3 on thurs1

I had a great time at Lamar and Jason’s wedding over the weekend.  It was probably the smallest wedding I attended, and I liked the intimacy of it.  It meant some quality time with high school friends.  Also, Marzy looked gorgeous!

3 on thurs2

My Mom (aka Mimi) led story time to keep a very antsy Brooks entertained.  I now know every line of My Truck Is Stuck.

3 on thurs3

My time at home was PACKED with wedding planning.  The last appointment of the trip was my first dress appointment.  Of all the wedding related appointments we had this week, this was the one that made me most nervous.  All the other appointments were for venues and menus and photographers – things where I can run through my list of questions and allow my Type A personality take over.  Dress shopping, however, is a horse of a different color.  It’s not about checking boxes and is far more subjective than anything else in the planning process.  I actually don’t like shopping in the first place and liked it even less when I knew the stakes were so high.  Also, though I may be loud and out there, I’m not comfortable with everyone staring at me and analyzing.  I was stressed about this before even stepping foot into the store!  

I was happy to find that the experience was far less painful that I expected.  We worked with Coral (at BleuBelle) and I thought she was fabulous.  She wasn’t pushy at all and totally understood what I was looking for.  She started by asking me about my style – not my wedding style, just my style.  That gave her a good idea of what I was comfortable in and how she could translate it to a wedding dress.  She knocked it out of the park.  She allowed us to grab dresses as well, but, really, she was much better at it than we were.  I made the decision to have just my Mom and Allison there and to have an early appointment when no one else was in the store.  It kept me from getting too overwhelmed.  We had actually made this appointment last minute as more of a fact finding mission to help set the benchmark for when we go to our NYC appointments in June.  Now it looks like I maaaaay have found the dress on my first try.  We’re keeping the other appointments just to make sure, but it was exciting to know there is something out there in my price point that I would happily wear down the aisle.  

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