Blends Coffee

In a town like Savannah, where everything has been the same for years, it’s easy to spot when something new opens up.  It took us all of two seconds to notice Blends, the new coffee shop towards the end of East Broughton Street.  It’s nice to have something – particularly a coffee shop for chilling in – at that end of the strip where there are fewer storefronts.  Overall, I thought it was a good addition, but here’s a full breakdown:

Decor: Loved that it was bright and airy, very clean.  Did not love that it seemed to lack personality.  Maybe put some art on the walls?

Food: Loved that the bakery case was filled with yummy treats that would entice you to linger.  Did not love that there was no signage to note which items were made in house or by local vendors.

Coffee: Loved the ordering process.  First you pick they type of drink (coffee, latte, etc.) and then you pick the origin (Puerto Rico, Ethiopia, etc.).  Also liked that they had all sorts of milks and sweeteners, including almond milk.  Did not love that the staff did not seem to know much about the product.  When I was choosing the origin of my coffee, I asked, between two types, which was less acidic and the barista had no idea.  When you call yourself a coffee “boutique”, you should know that sort of thing, especially when there’s basically one item on the menu.

Overall, I’m happy to have another local coffee shop.  I’m thinking the kinks will be worked out soon since they’ve only been open 4 weeks.