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Playa Betty’s

The last thing I think of when I imagine Upper West restaurants is a chill California vibe, but there goes Playa Betty’s, dropping a beachy restaurant on 75th and Amsterdam.  It’s all tacos and margs here, with wood paneling and cafe lights so you feel like you could just step inside and prop your imaginary surfboard against the wall.

playa betty1

And eat tacos I will

playa betty2

I have to admit, these chairs raised my appreciation of the restaurant.

All tacos are $4-$5 and about 3 inches in diameter, so I would recommend 4 per person, 5 if you’re really hungry.  I tried the baja fish (tempura’d mahi with avocado and slaw), the Mexican Coke short rib, the Marley (jerk chicken with braised collards), and the Tac-o-Fella (fried oyster with chorizo and aioli).  My favorite was the baja fish.  More than the others, the accompaniment really felt like a part of the dish.  I could really bite into the huge chunks of avocado and crunchy slaw with that one.

This restaurant looks the way I want to feel on vacation.  Bright, cheerful, and full of tacos.  Vacation Tess likes to be full of tacos.

playa betty4playa betty3


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