At the Table: Passover 2016

I went simple for Passover this year.  I didn’t have the time to work on an elaborate floral centerpiece or place settings.  I ended up doing all the cooking in one day instead of splitting it up into two, so I didn’t want to stress about having a fancy tablescape on top of all that.

I found some gorgeous succulents at the grocery store that were already set in some rustic pots with moss – no further embellishment needed.  I laid them out down the center of the table atop four placemats that I put together as a faux table runner.  Since the centerpieces were low and took up little space, they could stay on the table throughout the meal.  Also, the succulents were $8.99 each so this was not only easy, but easy on the wallet.

passover table1
Includes bottle #1 of 12 that were consumed that night
passover table2
I don’t have an actual seder plate, so my deviled egg platter served double duty.  Kosher?  Probably not, but I definitely get bonus points for creativity.