Matzah Crack

For the last…forever, Passover-keeping Jews have dealt with the same gross desserts during the holiday.  The only options were boxed cakes, and we’re not talkin funfetti.  Think about it: when you can’t use flour can a cake really be that good?  No, no it can’t.  But then a few years ago everyone stated talking about matzah crack.  It’s a homemade dessert that actually tastes good.

When I looked up recipes, I realized it was pretty much exactly the same as the Ritz Cracker Toffee Bark I made a year ago.  Remembering, my success with that dessert, I knew this would be a breeze.  Basically, follow that recipe, just switch the Ritz crackers with matzah.  Top with whatever you dang well please.

I like to use dark chocolate and for toppings I did 1/2 with coconut and sprinkles, 1/2 with pistachios.  Both were quite tasty.  This is so much better than the boxed Passover desserts – I can’t even tell you.  Your seder table will thank you.

matzah crack1matzah crack2