3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

Now that it’s not frigid outside, I am more inclined to work out.  Even though the gym is indoors, I can’t bring myself to go when it’s cold and dark outside.  It’s a whole different world for me once the weather is nice so I’m taking advantage of my new-found motivation.  I worked out three times last week (that’s huge for me – the last time I worked out thrice weekly was about a year and a half ago) and that combined with my healthier eating habits during the eight days of Passover have left me feeling pretty great.  As for weekend plans, I’m taking it easy tomorrow night since my beau and I are heading to Long Island on Saturday for a wedding.

3 on thurs1

Hart’s sister just had a baby so he and Karin planned a last minute trip to NYC to visit the little guy.  Since they live in LA, I so rarely get to see them so it was great to hang out.

3 on thurs2

Saturday night we went out to celebrate our friend Ben’s birthday and it was one of those nights when I was just feelin really good.  Maybe it was the fact that Passover just ended so I was finally able to eat real food, but I was feeling and looking fab – don’t you love when that happens?!  (My date was lookin pretty good, too.)

3 on thurs3

While out late on Friday night, Hart and i struck a deal to go for a run the next day, intending to go at 9 AM.  We both woke up and texted that we were too hungover to move.  I laid around in bed until 2 or 3 PM and then decided it was time to do that workout I had mentally committed myself to.  Thanks to all the wine the night before, I struggled through at a lousy pace, but I still managed to clock 3.85 miles.  I’m not gonna lie, i was very proud of myself for working out so much last week.  My hard work was rewarded with beautiful weather and the discovery of some new adorable NYC spots, like this park in Beekman.

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