Book Review: Brain on Fire

Out of nowhere, Susannah Cahalan displays all signs of a psychotic break.  She is young – only 24 at the time – and has everything going for her: a flourishing career at the New York Post, a great boyfriend, and an apartment to call her own.  When all her tests come back normal, friends, family, and doctors assume she is going through alcohol withdrawal or has developed schizophrenia.  Her parents, however, are unconvinced, and as soon as she begins having seizures they are sure there is something physically – not mentally – wrong.

This book is terrifying.  Susannah and I are the same age, and it is frightening to know that this can happen with no forewarning and with seemingly no explanation.  It is only through her parents’ tenacity and the fact that she was at the right place at the right time that Cahalan was able to return to herself.

5 out of 5 stars.

brain on fire