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Shredded Honey Mustard Chicken

Sunday afternoon I got my beau back from a bachelor party.  After four days and three nights away, I knew he would be exhausted so I planned a quiet meal at home.  I let the slow cooker do the work so he could nap away without me banging around in the kitchen and the whole house would start smelling nice.

This is actually one of the simplest slow cooker recipes I’ve made.  It requires zero prep: no browning meat or chopping vegetables.  Just throw chicken, dijon or whole grain mustard, honey, soy sauce, and chicken stock into the crock pot and you’re set.

honey mustard chicken1

Just before shredding

I halved the recipe and in doing so learned it does not need to go the full 4 hours with only two chicken breasts (it will dry out a little bit) and the soy sauce flavor is strong so heavy up on the honey and mustard.  The recipe has this served as a sandwich, but I put it over rice since I thought that felt more supperish (vs. lunchy).

Served with a nice green salad, this is a delicious, minimal effort meal.  And when I’m dealing with the Sunday Scaries, minimal effort is ideal.

honey mustard chicken3

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