Grilled Cheese: Mozzarella, Fontal, and Mushrooms

Sometimes you need a good soup and grilled cheese night.  That was me on Wednesday.  It more than cancelled out the workout I had done that evening, but it was worth it because this grilled cheese was bangin.

Start with some sourdough bread.  Because I really like sourdough.  For the cheese, use freshly grated buffalo mozzarella and Italian fontal.  See, mozzarella melts so beautifully and has just enough salt, but then the fontal adds a little nuttiness and depth.  It’s like fontina but a little milder, which makes this more of a crowd pleaser as far as “fancy” grilled cheeses go.

grilled cheese1

Toss your two shredded cheeses together and put half of it on one slice of bread.  Then add a layer of sliced mushrooms.  Finally, add the other half of the grated cheese and top with the other slice of bread.  Carefully transport the grilled cheese to a skillet where you’ve been melting a tablespoon of butter.  Once it’s browned, hold it up with a spatula, add another tablespoon of butter to the pan, and then grill the other side of the sandwich til it too is a perfect shade of brown.  Cook on a low to medium heat – anything hotter will brown the bread too quickly and your cheese and mushrooms won’t properly melt.

Yes, it’s a lot of butter.  Yes, that’s what makes it good.  Yes, this is exactly why I work out.

grilled cheese4grilled cheese5