3 on Thursday

This week has been pretty busy.  It started bright an early on Monday, when all my hard work promoting the release of our big Fortune 500 issue came to life.  The following day was my birthday, which I celebrated quietly before diving back into work.  Now I’m preparing for my Mom to arrive tonight!  I can’t wait to see her, though I’m a little anxious about the wedding dress shopping that will take up a large portion of her visit.

3 on thurs1

On Saturday we went to not one but two engagement parties.  There must be something in the water!  The first one was particularly fun because we were part of the plan.  Kristen thought she was coming to one of our regular park days…little did she know she was getting a proposal with her picnic!  A few of us arrived early to set up and then watched from behind a tree while Jeff popped the question.  It was a special moment we got to be a part of.

3 on thurs2

On our way to the park, Albert and I stopped to grab coffee.  We ended up going to a different coffee shop, Birch.  Though I’ll still remain loyal to Perk, I loved some of the cute things they were doing around the shop.  By the order pick-up area, there were these little cards from The Ignition Initiative, meant to stimulate conversation and community in the shop.  I thought it was a great idea!   It would be tough to strike up conversation with a stranger, but it would definitely get me and a friend talking instead of looking at our phones.

3 on thurs3

Another great move at Birch: an interactive tip jar.  I’m not always keen on leaving tips at places with counter service, but this makes it fun.