Book Review: Modern Lovers

What happens to cool 90s grungy rockers after the music stops?  They move to Brooklyn, hold steady jobs, and raise children.  Despite “growing up”, Andrew, Elizabeth, and Zoe are former bandmates who have remained the best of friends (and in the case of Andrew and Elizabeth, spouses).  They live next door to each other and consult on every decision, but as their children graduate high school and discover love, they must evaluate how their own love has changed.

They are each looking for something that will breathe life into their worlds.  Andrew needs a new career path and is going through a midlife crisis of sorts. Zoe and her wife, Jane, have fallen into a rut and are considering divorce.  Elizabeth hopes that selling the movie rights to a song she wrote back in college will give her life value.  While their children are all zest and lust, they are trying to figure out this modern, mature version of love.

I actually preferred Modern Lovers to Straub’s previous novel, The Vacationers.  I particularly like the author’s manner of providing an update for each character at the end of the novel.  It was both fun and satisfying.

4 out of 5 stars.

modern lovers