Book Review: Eligible

In this present day version of Pride and Prejudice, Liz Bennet is a New York magazine journalist who returns to her native Cincinnati to help her mother and four sisters care for her father after a heart attack.  The Bennets are an interesting bunch.  There’s Mrs. Bennet, a women with a shopping addiction, who can think of nothing more than getting her daughters married off.  Then there’s eldest daughter Jane who lives in New York with Liz, works as a yoga instructor, and is entirely pure of heart.  Of the younger Bennet girls, Mary is a loner amassing online degrees and Lydia and Kitty are foul mouthed girls who care only about painting their nails and doing Crossfit.

When Chip Bingley moves to town, all of Cincinnati is aflutter.  He’s a mini celebrity after having appeared on a Bachelor-type reality show and when he begins showing interest in Jane, it looks like there’s hope for the Bennet girls.  Liz soon enters a will they/won’t they situation with Bingley’s best friend Darcy.  Even knowing how this ends, I couldn’t stop flipping the pages to find out just how they eventually find themselves together.  With about 30 Pride and Prejudice adaptations out there, I’m hoping that wasn’t a spoiler for you.  Even if it was, the secondary characters and modern setting will still keep you interested.  Somehow, even with IVF and texting, it’s a pretty close retelling of the classic tale.

4 out of 5 stars.