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Caprese Pasta Salad

My beau was concerned we needed one more side dish on our 4th of July spread and was really feelin a pasta salad.  I was not so convinced.  Pasta and potato salads are usually mayo based…not so great for sitting out in the sun all day while people graze.  “So just create a pasta salad without mayonnaise,” Albert said.  “You’re a good cook.  You can be creative.”  You know what I AM a creative cook!  I can make this work!  Thanks for the pep talk, Coach!

Not only is this pasta salad much safer for a picnic spread on a hot day, it takes no time to throw together. Simply toss pasta with halved grape tomatoes, halved/quartered boccancini (those mini mozz balls), torn basil, and store-bought pesto.  People will thank you for not providing a gloopy, mayo-laden, heavy pasta salad.

caprese pasta salad1

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