Once again I have to say: I love NYC in the summer!  Rosemary’s is always packed for brunch, but because all the trendy West Village brunchers skeedaddled to the Hamptons for the weekend, we were able to walk right in on Sunday.  There was still a steady stream of people and nearly every table was filled, but we didn’t have to wait like we normally would.  Yippee!

Rosemary’s is an NYC brunch staple.  They serve quality Italian food in a bright and rustic space that just feels lovely.  And when they say farm to table, they mean it.  They have a rooftop garden for the basics, and for the things they can’t grow above the restaurant, they go beyond sourcing locally – they have their own farm.


I started with a refreshing verde cocktail.  I was scared by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coloring, but found it to be a perfect summer cocktail made with prosecco, cucumber, and mint.

Since we were eating on the late side, we decided to get a lot of small things to nibble on, rather than entrees.  We ordered the burrata, some meats and cheeses, the focaccia, brussels sprouts, warm olives, and bacon.  It was relatively simple food, all prepared well. Though olives aren’t usually an interesting choice, I thought having them served warm was kind of a game changer.  Also, I’m not usually one to use the fruit or honey on a cheese plate, but I thought their rosemary honey was pretty solid.  By far the best items we tried, however, were the meats (sopressata and prosciutto) and the focaccia.  That focaccia was pretty perfect.

Rosemary’s is popular for a reason.  You won’t find trendy food, but you’ll find the Italian classics in the freshest way.