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Chicken Salad Quesadilla

I originally wasn’t going to post this recipe – it didn’t seem like anything special.  But then I spent a week thinking about how I wanted to eat it again and thought “hmm, maybe there’s something there.”

So last week I bought a rotisserie chicken.  When I got it home, I immediately tore it apart and turned it into one big batch of chicken salad.  By chicken salad I just mean the chicken + mayo.  Nothinggggg fancy.  I then ate some version of chicken salad for the next three days.  I put it in lettuce wraps, I used it as the protein in a salad, and finally, just before I was sick of chicken salad, I turned it into this leftovers quesadilla.

I covered one corn tortilla with shredded cheese, added a layer of chicken salad, one more layer of cheese, and then I closed it up with another corn tortilla.  I highly recommend corn tortillas here.  Flour ones would taste a bit bland.  I cooked it in a pan with butter till it was nice and browned.  I topped it with some Greek yogurt that I mixed with hot sauce.

So simple.  So satisfying.

chicken salad quesadillachicken salad quesadilla2

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