3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

As always, I had a fabulous visit in Savannah.  The only downside was a severely delayed>cancelled>rebooked and delayed again flight coming back to NYC.  Even all those troubles couldn’t mar my trip.

3 on thurs1

The good thing about Savannah is nearly year-round boating.  It’s fine in the fall/winter, but it’s pure bliss in the Summer.  We took the Special K out for a little cruise and my beau looked right at home.  While my nephew, Brooks, has spent plenty of time on our smaller boat, this was his first time on the big boat and he seemed to love it.  It was great seeing my two favorite boys take to the boating life – river rats in training!

3 on thurs2 (2)

For Brooks’ 2nd birthday, Albert and I got him a trampoline, aka “jump jump”.  He is cautious at best around it, but hopefully he’ll be jumping all over the place soon enough.

3 on thurs3 (2)I think the food at Collin’s Quarter is good (not the best), but their coffee is soooo good.  They serve Toby’s Estate and make a killer spiced lavender latte that I went back for a second time, two days later.  Those Aussis love their coffee culture!

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