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Lemon Pepper Swordfish Over Rice with Feta and Peas

My beau is seriously into swordfish lately.  He requests it regularly, and when he heard there was some in the freezer on Sunday night, he voluntarily took it out to thaw.  He’s not usually one to get his hands dirty with raw food, but seeing his enthusiasm, I was happy to cook it for him last night.

swordfish and rice1

I seasoned the swordfish with lemon pepper, salt, and dill and cooked in a cast iron skillet for 1-2 minutes per side (in butter).  Then I transferred the fish to a 425 oven for about 6 minutes.

swordfish and rice2

In the 6 minutes that the fish was cooking, I prepared the rice.  I used a Trader Joe’s rice medley that takes only three minutes to cook in the microwave.  Of course, any wild rice would work if you don’t have access to the miracle that is Trader Joe’s.  Warm some frozen peas in a skillet and toss those with the rice, along with crumbled feta.

swordfish and rice4

If you’re using good feta, it’ll get nice and creamy when warmed through and adds all the salt you need.  It’s the perfect Mediterranean-y side to go with the lemon dill fish.

swordfish and rice5

Swordfish has that meaty quality that makes it feel like a more serious fish.  And given that I served it wish a nicely coordinating side dish, this meal had a more legit, restaurant vibe.  Except it took me 15 minutes to cook, including all prep.  (Sorry if you have to go with non-Trader Joe’s rice; that’ll make this meal a whopping 25-30 minutes.)  Not too shabby for a Monday.

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