Ok so we all agree SoHo is a cool part of town.  And since Ruby’s – a cool, SoHo restaurant – chose Murray Hill as the neighborhood for their second location, that makes us cool, too, right?

The Ruby’s menu has some Aussie vibes (fish and chips, vegemite) with the bulk of the menu falling into the categories of burgers, pastas, and salads.  I was loving the decor: blond wood ceilings, subway tile galore, and some neon.  There was also a pop of banana leaf printed on the white walls.

I had scoped them out on Instagram and decided my beau and I should get two items to split: the sausage pasta, and the cheeseburger.  The burger was an absolute must because it’s been popping up on a lot of “best of” lists lately.  I thought it was fabulous.  It was a double decker with oozy sauce.  There was a nice, sweet tang as the special sauce mingled with the pickles.  Next up I’ll have to try the Bronte burger since it’s supposed to be their signature.  The description is very similar, just swaps special sauce with sweet chili, so I’m thinking I’ll like it.  We also got a side of fries with truffle mayo because…truffle mayo.


I don’t usually see a menu that’s filled with both tons of burger options and equally as many pasta choices.  That’s a shame because they happen to be two of my favorite food groups.  Thankfully, Ruby’s has me covered.  The sausage rigatoni was super creamy with spicy sausage chunks throughout.  Total comfort food.


The only downside: Ruby’s liquor license hasn’t come through yet.  Once they start serving booze, I have a feeling it’ll become my favorite spot in the neighborhood.