Burger & Lobster

On Saturday Albert and I wanted to celebrate his getting his bonus with lobster rolls and a boat ride on the Hudson.  Unfortunately, due to Summer Streets (where Park Avenue is closed to traffic on Saturdays in August), it took us half an hour in a cab to make it less than half way to our destination.  As the meter started getting quite high, we decided to get out and find a new plan.

burger lobster1

The boat ride may have been a lost cause, but since we happened to get out of the cab just around the corner from Burger & Lobster, we didn’t have to give up on our lobster rolls.  Unlike the city’s main lobster roll spots (Luke’s, Red Hook), Burger & Lobster is a massive space.  By New York standards, the restaurant itself is pretty gargantuan.  I liked that they used lobster traps to make some unique light fixtures, but since I was unaccustomed to neither such a large space nor a place that churns out something like lobster so quickly, it felt a little chain-like to me.  Given that it actually is a chain in England, that makes sense.

burger lobster2

But chain or no chain, the food at Burger & Lobster is good and quite the steal (as far as lobster goes).  Unless you’re ordering drinks, you don’t need a menu because you have exactly three options, all for the same $20 price: 1) the burger 2) the lobster (grilled or steamed) 3) the lobster roll.  All three options come with a side salad with parmesan and fries.  The sides were both very good and it was nice to get them since side dishes are a rarity when it comes to ordering lobster rolls.  The lobster roll itself was very good.  There was a good amount of meat in there that had just the right amount of mayo.  I also liked the bun, which was like a firm Texas toast envelope.  It was like the whole thing was made from the part I like best, the piece that’s actually sliced, covered with butter, and grilled.  Slicing it like a pocket was good and bad.  On the downside, it meant that the lobster didn’t go all the way to the edge (nobody likes a bite that’s just bread), but on the positive side, it made for a much less messy eating experience.

burger lobster3

The atmosphere may not be exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to a lobster roll experience, but given the size of the lobster roll and the included sides, it’s a solid value that is not to be overlooked.