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Asparagus Tuna Melt

Just because I had the day off on Friday doesn’t mean I was going to order Seamless for lunch.  I knew I’d be spending a good bit of money over the weekend, so there was no need to pay for lunch on what was still technically a weekday.  I took advantage of some leftovers and the fact that I could make tuna since I wasn’t in a public but enclosed space.

tuna asparagus melt1


tuna asparagus melt2

Still before, but with cheese

I wanted to use the baguette I had leftover, but since that’s a lot to bite into, I decided to make this open faced.  I split the baguette in half and topped with tuna (packed in olive oil) that I mixed with mayo.  I laid some leftover truffled asparagus on top and then grated some alpine cheese (any kind of grate-able Swiss will work) over the top.  Cook the whole thing at 300 until the cheese melts.  Yum city.


tuna asparagus melt3


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