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Book Review: Everybody Rise

New money will NEVER be on equal footing with old money.  And you can be rich, but that’s not the same as old New York society rich.  Now you’re talking wealth of a whole other level.  If only Evelyn’s mother understood that it’s a social circle you can only be born into.  Perhaps then she would not have forced Evelyn into that scene, intent on her becoming the next Rockefeller.

Though Evelyn grew up in an upper class family and went to boarding school with the New York elite, she has remained on the periphery.  But at 26, when she gets back in touch with some high school friends, she gets an inside view of what life is like for a socialite.  And she’s hooked.  When she can’t keep up, she resorts to manipulation and mountains of debt trying.  I cringed, page after page, as Evelyn dug herself deeper.

4 out of 5 stars.

everybody rise

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