The Diner – DC

In New York, diners are both common and cherished.  In DC, they’re not so prevalent, so I was happy to discover The Diner in Liz’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.  Everybody needs a 24 hour diner experience and I’m happy I was staying right around the corner from one AND that it happened to be a better diner than normal.

The Diner serves all of the typical diner faves (eggs, milkshakes, burgers) in a traditional setting (stools, diner tables, formica, and a tin roof), 24 hours a day.


The menu looked just like that of a normal diner, but the food came out as slightly elevated versions.  I got a blackened salmon sandwich with onions, lettuce, and mayo…except the onions were caramelized, the lettuce was mixed green instead of romaine, and the mayo was a basil aioli.  It was delicious and the fries were just like I like them – not too crispy.  Albert ordered a chicken caesar that was perfectly dressed and he kept commenting that it was good chicken (ie: freshly grilled).


Even though the food came out looking nicer than your standard greasy spoon, the prices were pretty much the same.  Even New Yorkers will appreciate this DC take on a diner.