Book Review: Sex on the Moon

Moon rocks are one of the most valuable substances on earth.  They were collected during Apollo missions and since those have stopped, they are a finite resource.  They are locked away in a vault within a vault, which makes it incredibly impressive that a college kid and his two buxom accomplices managed to steal them.

I’ve heard a complaint about this book is that it’s a bit formulaic.  Author Ben Mezrich wrote in a similar style as he did for his other non-fiction books, “Bringing Down the House” and “The Accidental Billionaires”, both of which were turned into hit movies (“21” and “The Social Network”, respectively).  Having never read the other two books, I can’t tell if it’s similar, but I can say that it reads very much like a Hollywood caper.  Though he’s committing a major crime, Thad Roberts comes off as a suave social butterfly – very Ocean’s 11.

Though I have my doubts that all genius NASA interns are as sexy as they’re described, I thought the book was fun – even more so because the fact remains that a couple of young kids managed to pull off a pretty tough heist.  I could have done with a few less James Bond mentions (seriously, you could have played a drinking game around how many times those words were written).

3 out of 5 stars.

sex on the moon