Sweet & Sour

“Sweet & Sour” is my version of that dinner table game where every guest says what the best and worst parts of the day were. As we head into the weekend, I think it’s important to get the bad stuff off your chest and remember the positives as a silver lining and energizing factor. When the weekend hits, I like to release the “sour” and embrace the “sweet.”

Processed with MOLDIV

Sweet: I sent my nephews some books that they received over the weekend.  While Reed is still too young to understand what books are, I found out this week that Brooks absolutely loved the giant construction book I picked.  Apparently, he couldn’t put it down, which gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies.  I got to FaceTime while he opened it and loved seeing him get so excited.  Bonus: my father said the book is pretty accurate.

Sour: One of the recipes I tested came out ok but not as great as I expected.  Thankfully, another recipe I tried (for which I had low hopes) came out great.

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