It’s pizza, as a burrito.  Nothing bad about that.

This dish of my own design sounds strange – so much so that Albert wasn’t sold on it and chose to eat the previous night’s leftovers instead – but it tastes so good.  Once Albert smelled it and saw me eating it, he regretted his decision to pass.

I went with one of my favorite pizza combos: sausage and mushroom.  First sauté crumbled Italian sausage and sliced button mushrooms in a pan.  When they are about browned and done, add some marinara – just enough to coat the meat and mushrooms.  It’s not making a sauce for pasta so you don’t want to much of it in there.  While it’s cooking I made some brown rice, because it’s not a burrito without rice.  I used the Birds Eye Steamfresh so it was ready to go in four minutes.  Oh, the miracle of the microwave.


Then assemble: put some rice in a tortilla, top with the sausage/mushroom/marinara mixture, and then sprinkle shredded mozzarella over that.  Roll it all up and voila: you’ve got yourself a pizzarito.  I’m not even kidding when I say I think this is a craze that could sweep the nation.