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Langoustine Summer Salad

By the end of the long Labor Day weekend, I was in a weird place when it came to supper.  It was time to get back into a routine with a normal home cooked meal, but it was a hot summer day and I didn’t really feel like being stuck cooking in a hot kitchen.  I decided to compromise with a home cooked meal that required very little effort.

The centerpiece of the meal was a big summer salad.  What makes this salad a summer one?  Langoustine and fresh herbs, that’s what.  The langoustine will remind you of a lobster roll, a quintessential summer meal; and the fresh herbs will make this salad all bright and cheery, just like summer.

I used one bag (or head) of butter lettuce, one bag of Trader Joe’s frozen langostino tails, one avocado, one yellow bell pepper, two hard boiled eggs, and a handful of fresh dill.  For a dressing, I simply tossed with salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

I didn’t include tomatoes because we were also eating a burrata caprese salad, but some heirloom grape tomatoes would be great in this.  I also didn’t include any cheese because we had enough cheese with the aforementioned burrata and the tarte flambée we were also eating.  However, blue cheese would totally work here.

langoustine salad

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