3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

We were busy at a wedding so it took a while before the news of the bombings in Chelsea reached us.  Thankfully, we were far enough away from the area and none of our friends were harmed.  From there, were experienced appropriately gloomy weather on Monday morning and a little bit of living on eggshells.  Since then, things in New York quickly went back to normal and I am looking forward to a fun weekend that includes the San Gennaro fest tomorrow and a wedding on Sunday.


Our save the dates were telegram-themed and we got the most appropriate and amazing response from some family friends in England.  This was such a fun treat to receive in the mail!


I loved my hair for the wedding this past weekend!  The salon next to my apartment does $25 blowouts so I booked a walk-in appointment and asked for that + a very simple bun (for a small up-charge) to show off my backless dress.  It was only after my hair was washed and I was in the chair that the stylist said she thought my hair was too short for a bun.  She said she could do something else that would be fabulous and I just let her run with it.  This rocker look is very different for me, but I loved it.  Though it ended up being pricier than I originally intended ($57 including tax but NOT tip), it was cheaper than Drybar and took less time…plus it was nice to do something fun and different for an event.


The wedding we went to this weekend was at a zoo, which meant it was probably one of the coolest weddings I’ve attended.  During the cocktail hour, there were peacocks and baby alligators just walking around, and we were right next to the tiger cages so we could sip our wine while hanging out with these guys.  Loved it!

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