Tomato Soup with Tortellini and Mushrooms

This meal is one of those Trader Joe’s hacks.  Or one of those [insert grocery store name here] hacks, for that matter.  Simply heat up some creamy tomato soup on the stove.  While that’s warming, cook up some tortellini.  While both of those are getting ready, saute some sliced button mushrooms in a separate pan.

tomato soup with tortellini and mushrooms1
You need to get your mushrooms at least this brown

Once the tortellini is done, drain it and add the soup to the pot, along with the mushrooms.

tomato soup with tortellini and mushrooms2tomato soup with tortellini and mushrooms3

The tortellini gives you something to chew on so this soup can be a meal in itself.  Use meat or cheese tortellini – I don’t judge (I happened to have a spinach and cheese flavor on hand).  The mushrooms also help with the heartiness, while also adding some depth of flavor.

The whole thing is done in 15 minutes.  And, hopefully, you’re eating this on a misty, dreary day just like I was, yesterday.  Soup in crummy weather is soooo nice.

tomato soup with tortellini and mushrooms5