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The Marshal

So I had no idea about The Marshal‘s commitment to sustainability when I went to brunch there on Sunday.  All I knew was that Rebekah and Alex asked if we could come to their Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, and I simply chose the restaurant out of their four suggestions that I thought had the best looking menu.  Now that I know they source everything locally, use wind power, and don’t even burn gas (just apple and cherry wood), I like them even more.  That sort of vibe is not typically of the Midtown West location, so it definitely stands out to me.

I was most interested in checking out The Marshal because the menu featured some solid comfort food items, which is exactly what I wanted on one of the first truly Fall-feeling days of Fall.  In fact, I ordered the two most comforting items I could find: the mac and cheese and the meatloaf sandwich.  We got the mac and cheese to split among the four of us, but I would have been happy taking it all for myself.  The sauce could have been just a liiiiittle tighter, but it was saved by a great crust on top.  And I seriously enjoyed my meatloaf sandwich.  I am such a sucker for meatloaf and really enjoyed their unique take.  The meatloaf was compressed into more of a patty and then served up reuben style, with swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing.  Not your normal meatloaf, but it was great.

the marshal2

The restaurant is railroad style, with one side dominated by exposed brick.  These cozy environs are not at all what you would expect across the street from a huge eyesore of a gas station.  But once inside, you forget about the grime and lack of personality of this stretch of 10th Avenue.  This is most likely the coziest thing in this part of town, so get comfortable.

the marshal5

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