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Book Review: The Assistants

I definitely related to Tina Fontana, the narrator of “The Assistants”,  who works a thankless job.  In New York City, there are plenty of jobs where you work your butt off with crazy hours and tasks no one should be expected to do, but you don’t necessarily get paid accordingly.  Trust me, I know.

As the admin to a media tycoon, Tina is responsible for every minute detail of her boss’ life.  He doesn’t know she has to call every liquor store in the city to track down the rare bourbon he requests on a whim; all he knows is that it shows up on his desk before the end of the day.  While her boss has five yachts, she’s struggling to pay the gas bill in her studio apartment.  When a clerical error drops $19,000 in her lab, enough to pay off her student loans in full, she does just that.  Sure, she feels guilty, but her boss can find that kind of money in his couch cushions.  When a co-worker uncovers her wrongdoing, however, this goes from a one-time thing to a full-blown embezzlement scheme.

This book was fun, but a little fluffier than I typically like, which is the primary reason for the point deduction.  I also didn’t find Tina totally likeable in the end. (More on that in my Goodreads review – see sidebar for link!)  I think I would have preferred it as a beach read or a time when I’m looking for something extra light.

3 out of 5 stars.

the assistants

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