Kinship Coffee Cooperative

Just as we finished lunch at Max’s, Karina stopped by so all four of us decided to take the more scenic route and walk together to the Steinway stop for me to hop on the subway.  Along our stroll, I spotted an adorable coffee shop.  I am a huge sucker for cute coffee shops (I blame Friends) and since I hadn’t yet had my caffeine fix for the day, I stopped in.


Karina said she often goes to Kinship to do work and I can see why.  There’s a huge table in the center of the room with gorgeous branches piercing through its middle and a great view of Steinway street.  If you’re more into a solo experience, there are also stools around the perimeter.  The pastry case looked to be stocked with goodies and there were also plenty types of kombucha and coffee beans – including my beloved Stumptown.


I really liked the aesthetic of the shop.  It manages to be both rustic/woodsy and ultra modern.  They also seem to have fun with coffee and who doesn’t like to make coffee drinking fun?!  Rap your order on Friday for a discount or attend one of their coffee classes.  It makes me wish I lived around the corner!