Max Bratwurst Und Bier

Matt and Karina have embarked on the incredible journey of house ownership.  They were homeowners before, but this is different.  This is a full house.  In Queens.  That they’re gutting.  This is no small undertaking.  I went by the new place on Saturday to observe the construction and afterward, Matt and I took Leo to lunch at Max’s.


This place is German food heaven.  We’re talking starchy, meaty, boulder in the bottom of your stomach food.  And I loved it.  They actually had one of the largest selection I’d seen.  You want schnitzel?  They’ve got pork, chicken, and veal.  And if sausages are your thing, they have 14 varieties.


Matt and I both got platters (he went wurst; I went schnitzel), which comes with two sides and two huge pieces of meat.  I added mushroom gravy to mine because GO BIG OR GO HOME.  Matt went with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes for his sides, while I went with spaetzle and cucumber salad.  The spaetzle was actually smothered in cheese so it was sort of like German mac and cheese.  And don’t let that cucumber salad fool you into thinking I was eating something healthy.  On the menu, it most closely approximated a vegetable, but being doused in creamy dressing, there was no health value there.  Let’s just say I was very happy I had gotten in a good workout that morning.

I’ve never been to Germany so I’m not sure if this is authentic food, but it seemed pretty legit to me.  Everything was delicious – Leo seemed to particularly enjoy the cheesy spaetzle, and I don’t blame him.  They’ve also got a nice list of reasonably priced German beers and lots of cute picnic tables for a beer garden feel.  As it gets chillier, they’ve put up some clear plastic walls so you won’t freeze but will still feel like you’re outside.  They’ve even got a cute basket of blankets to keep you warm so you won’t be deterred from outdoor beers.

See – it’s not all Irish pubs in Woodside!