3 on Thursday

The last two weekends have been EXACTLY what I wanted.  Busy with fun activities but still relatively low key.  But this upcoming weekend is what I’m most excited about because on Saturday morning I’ll be heading to Savannah!  We don’t have any weekend plans so it will be nice to just relax and have some good family time for a couple of days.  Then on Monday and Tuesday we have lots of wedding-related appointments.  We haven’t done a ton for this wedding of ours, so it’s time to buckle down.  I’m most looking forward to the tastings, of course.


I spend the high holidays at Brotherhood Synagogue and I really enjoy their services.  What I also like is that it’s so beautiful.  The building itself is impressive and it’s right on Gramercy Park.


On Saturday I went to see Matt, Karina, Leo, and their new home.  I stepped out of the subway at Northern Blvd in front of the most impressive fruit stand I’d ever seen.  It even has its own little juice bar.  That was my first indication that this neighborhood was a good move for them.


How cute is Leo on his little bicycle?!  He hasn’t figured out how to pedal yet, but I’m fine with him just sitting there, lookin purty.