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Buffalo Brussels Sprouts with Blue Cheese

On Monday afternoon I realized that evening would be the only night my beau and I would see each other til tonight.  Given our work schedules, it’s not so rare for us to go most of the week without seeing each other, but I still thought it merited a special meal.  One solid home cooked meal to get us through the work week.

I picked up filet mignon (two very large cuts for $15 from Trader Joe’s – steal of the century) because nothing says special meal like filet mignon.  I served the steaks with garlic mashed potatoes and a buffalo sprout recipe I happened to stumble upon that very afternoon.  So lucky, was I to have found this!

buffalo brussels sprouts with blue cheese1

The recipe couldn’t be easier.  Simply roast brussels sprouts and when they’re done, drizzle with Frank’s Red Hot and a little bit of crumbled blue cheese.  That’s IT.  You don’t need much blue cheese (especially if you’re using high quality queso) and that hot sauce adds soooo much flavor so it is actually a surprisingly healthy dish.  Special AND healthy?  What?!  If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

buffalo brussels sprouts with blue cheese3

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