3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

Albert left early yesterday morning for a business trip, and I leave tomorrow morning for a bachelorette party so we’re pretty much leading separate lives for about a week.  I can’t really complain since my separate life is taking me to Nashville!  I’m so excited Lindsay picked Nashvegas for her bachie.  I’ve never been, but it’s been high on my list for a while.  I know we’ll have the best time and I can’t wait to get wild with the bride to be!


I was lucky that my trip to Savannah a week and a half ago coincided with the Greek Festival.  This was always one of my favorite events growing up.  The festival was actually supposed to be the week prior, but Hurricane Matthew had other plans.  While the hurricane unfortunately caused some major damage in my hometown, the city is bouncing back, starting with the Greek Festival.  I would put this Greek food against anybody’s and I promise you won’t be able to find better grape leaves anywhere.


We got seriously lucky with the festivals while we were home!  In addition to the Greek Festival, our visit coincided with the Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival.  The festival featured over 100 artists and some of the best Lowcountry cuisine.  I walked away with some beautiful pottery and some of the best shrimp and grits (that my nephew, Brooks, tried to steal from me).


I love dressing up (whether it be formal wear or a costume) so I enjoy Halloween.  Albert is not quite so into the costume thing, but he acquiesces as long as I do all the legwork and his costume doesn’t require anything crazy like a mask or wig.  I’m into punny costumes so this year we went as surf ‘n turf.  The twist: instead of steak and lobster, he dressed as a surfer dude and I dressed as grass, or actual turf.  Since I switched from using AstroTurf to Xmas garland, I ended up looking more like a woodland fairy than turf, but once we explained our costume, it went over well.  The most expensive item was Albert’s $25 boogie board, but our total spend came to $58 (for both costumes) and also included my flower crown, a choker, the garland, some nail polish, AND my dress.  Not too shabby!  I’m so glad the weather was nice so we didn’t have to worry about freezing in our costumes – you never know in NYC!  

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