PSA: Loveday 31

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

As Albert and I were walking to the subway after brunch on Sunday, I spotted a cute vintage shop.  “Just 5 minutes,” I said.  But when I poked my head in, I realized I had struck gold and would need more than five minutes to peruse the racks at Loveday 31.  I sent Albert on his way, told him I’d meet him at home, and got down to business.

loveday 31-1loveday 31-2

loveday 31-3
Those speakers were pumpin some solid jams

loveday 31-4

loveday 31-5
If only those Diane von Furstenberg pumps were in my size

The owner used to be a buyer for acclaimed NoHo thrift shop Screaming Mimi’s, so she knows her stuff.  She finds all the pieces herself and doesn’t stock anything newer than about 1990, with the exception of some accessories by local artists.  Everything is in absolutely perfect condition, and the prices can’t be beat.

In total, I spent just over $200 for a peacoat ($79), a silk top ($32), a fully sequined/beaded top ($35), a pair of gloves ($20), and some velvet pumps ($35).  I’d say I did really well.

loveday 31-8loveday 31-11loveday 31-9loveday 31-10

While the coat and gloves were necessities (I had to replace old items before the cold hits), the velvet pumps were my most exciting purchase.  While I had originally thought I wanted a bodysuit as my Fall fashion goal, it didn’t take long before I learned my torso is too long for most bodysuits and velvet would be a more appropriate fashion goal this season.  It’s so very [back] in fashion right now.  While I can’t bring myself to do the velvet turtleneck or dress thing (feels too bat mitvah party for me), I’ve been on the hunt for shoes.  I felt like that would be the best way to incorporate the trend.  These fit the bill perfectly.

loveday 31-7