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No meal is more Southern than a meat and three.  Unless it’s a grilled bologna sandwich.  Thankfully, at Puckett’s, you can get both.


Puckett’s is located in the middle of downtown Nashville, right near our hotel, so it was our first stop upon arrival.  Lindsay wanted to fill her bachelorette weekend with as much Southern food as possible, and Puckett’s has a menu that’s bursting at the seams with down home faves.  Also, like the rest of Nashville, there is often a live band jammin on the stage.  Supper always goes down easier with live music.


Though I was tempted by the bbq the other girls were getting, I couldn’t NOT order the bologna sandwich.  I’m lucky that Southern food is trendy right now and I can find good versions of my hometown favorites in NYC; however, grilled bologna sandwiches are the kind of Southern food that will likely never make it past the Mason Dixon.  Basically, it’s thick-cut bologna that’s smoked and grilled.  It’s served on mushy white bread with lettuce, tomato and pickles.  I also put some cheese on there (just before it came off the grill so it could get melty) and gave it a nice slathering of mayo.

I got my sandwich with a side of squash casserole.  It was very good (needed a little salt but had the perfect texture), but it wasn’t as cheesy as my Mom makes it, which means I was able to walk away from this meal feeling nice and healthy.  Sorta.

This was the perfect first meal to kick off our Nash Bash!


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