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Pinewood Social

A lot of the stuff we had read kept directing us to Pinewood Social.  It’s billed as tons of fun, with lots of cool areas to check out.  And we were told that the food was also really good, too.  It didn’t take much convincing for us to decide to make this the starting point for our big night out in Nashville for Lindsay’s bachelorette.

pinewood social2

pinewood social3

I learned that much of Nashville has a very industrial feel.  Look at all this rando space around the restaurant.  It was a little jarring at first to go into all these warehouse-type buildings, but in the end I really liked the vibe.

I was happy with Pinewood Social as soon as I walked in and saw their devotion to Movember.  The ‘stache is an important symbol in my fam – nobody rocks one like Jerome.  But Pinewood Social took the theme a generous step further and is donating some of the proceeds from their cocktail specials to the cause.  Speaking of cocktails, I can’t remember the names of the two I tried (the menu on the website is different).  One was a little sweet for me; the other was perfect.  There’s enough variety on the cocktail menu to satisfy everyone.  If they just added some blue cheese stuffed olives for my dirties, I’d be a very happy girl.

pinewood social5

Tom Selleck knows good ‘stache

pinewood social10

Our waiter was a bit aggressive at first.  We asked for a a recommendation and he straight up put an order in before we agreed to it.  One thing you do not do to a bunch of New York gals is try and tell them what to do.  Thankfully, when we told him we wanted to slow things down a bit, take time to make our food decisions, he got on our level and we became best friends.

pinewood social7

We started with the pimento cheese croquettes (this was the one our waiter forced on us).  It was good, but I’ve had better.  Pimento cheese is perfect as is – no need to cover it with breading and fry it up.  The charred broccoli on the other hand was fabulous.  It was basically just really roasted broccoli served with a sunflower seed aioli.  So simple and so so so good.  We also ordered some toasts to share (the burrata and the marscapone with strawberries) as well as the asparagus.  The toasts were good though, again, I’ve had better.  Let me be clear: just because I have a better version does not mean it was bad.  Not even close.  The asparagus was covered in salty sweet hoisin sauce, and I found it to be a fun addition to the meal.

I ordered a side of jalapeno mac because I couldn’t resist and it was the only thing I would say to avoid.  It was seriously lacking salt and there was none on the table.  I feel so terrible asking for salt at a restaurant because I don’t want to offend anyone, so that item wasn’t finished.  Conversely, the skillet cookie we ordered for dessert (sorry, no pic) was ravaged by this group of girls.

pinewood social13

My entrée was also a huge hit in my book.  I ordered salmon with cucumber, pea puree, and barley risotto.  Everything, down to the crispy skin on the salmon, was perfect.  I would like to eat that entree all over again.  And with that broccoli on the side?  Oh baby.

One of the best parts about this restaurant is all the great little areas.  There’s a coffee counter at the front, a pool (yes, a pool) with an Airstream trailer in the back for Summertime dining, a rando old phone booth, and even a bowling alley made from the wood that was reclaimed from an old Indiana Bowl-o-Rama.  I meeeeeean.

pinewood social4pinewood social6pinewood social1


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