Biscuit Love

Lindsay didn’t grow up with Southern food but has jumped on the bandwagon – so much so that she planned her bachelorette for Nashville.  She hasn’t brought herself to love grits, but she’s a wannabe Southerner through and through.  We’ll happily bring her into the fold!  Her favorite Southern food item is probably chicken biscuits, which led us straight to Biscuit Love.

Biscuit Love has gotten a lot of press, so expect the line to be long.  But it’s worth it, especially if you had a rough one the night before.  Nothing soaks up the booze like fried chicken.  The menu isn’t massive so the line moves pretty fast .  It’s one of those places where you order at the counter, sit down with a number, and they’ll bring you your food.

biscuit love1
While you’re waiting in line, there are a few cookbooks, tshirts, and general store items for sale.  I’ve never thought I needed a rolling pin until I saw this one that can hold flour for sprinkling on your work surface while baking.  I didn’t buy it since I never bake, yet I’m regretting my decision a little.
biscuit love4
While in line I saw these simple pottery mugs for sale.  I thought it was such a racket – why would anyone pay all that money for a basic mug?  But these happened to be the mugs they serve coffee in so I soon understood.  There ceramic keeps the coffee nice and warm, the mug is rounded in just the right way, and most importantly there’s a notch at the top of the handle for perfect thumb placement. 

The food came out super quickly.  We ordered a Gertie to share and it was…decadent.  A biscuit topped with peanut butter, chocolate gravy, carmelized banana jam, and crushed pretzels.  It was so good but only two bites are necessary.  I was torn between a chicken biscuit with gravy or the Princess, which eventually won out.  I figured this might be my only chance to try some of the hot chicken Nashville is so famous for so I had to go for it.  It was dressed with some honey and a couple of pickles.  It was wonderful.  The biscuits were nice and fluffy and the chicken huge.  I also got a side of the brussels sprout salad with lemon, parm, and hazelnuts.  I felt like I needed something fresh and green and it was a nice bright option.

biscuit love3
Maybe a little too much peanut butter, but otherwise amazing

biscuit love5

Don’t worry if you’re not into biscuits.  There are some super cheesy grits on the menu that are definitely worth your while.  Going to Biscuit Love also gave us the opportunity to explore the Gulch area of Nashville.  This old industrial neighborhood has converted factories to residences and is home to some fun bars and boutiques.  I may have been way off base, but it seemed like a cool urban development for the not so white picket fencers of Nashville.