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Book Review: Paris for One and Other Stories

While I found Me Before You cute but a little cheesy, I found this novella and collection of short stories by the same author lovely.  The book opens on Nell, a girl in her mid-twenties who is predictable and boring.  For the first time in her life, she has decided to do something whimsical and planned a trip to Paris with her boyfriend.  The problem is, her boyfriend is – pardon my French – a douche.  My guess is he wouldn’t even call himself her boyfriend.  Of course, this low life who probably only dates her to have a place to crash doesn’t even show up on the long weekend in a foreign country that she planned.  Nell is devastated and immediately finds a return trip.  But a comedy of errors forces her to stay and she finds herself turning into a whole new type of woman.  It’s like a rom com and was fun to read particularly because it was short – a full novel would have been overkill, but this was just enough.

The eight short stories that follow offer their own glimpses into various love lives.  In one, a woman converses with the robber holding her hostage in a jewelry store; in another, a woman delves into a client’s purported infidelity; in yet another, a woman vents to a cab driver about her husband’s impossible Christmas list.  In many of the stories, the female characters discover a sense of empowerment.  At the very least, they all find peace of mind.

3 out of 5 stars

paris for one

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