3 on Thursday

After being in Nashville two weekends ago, it was nice not to have a fully packed schedule last weekend.  I got to go to a favorite restaurant on Friday night and then went home to prep the hash browns casserole I was going to bring to the next day’s bar crawl.  Saturday was spent bar crawling and Sunday I got to work out and spend the afternoon with Danielle, which was long overdue.  This weekend is set to be similar: no major plans on Friday or Sunday, with a full day hanging in Connecticut on Saturday.  It will be the perfect pre-Thanksgiving weekend.  I can’t wait to see how the weekend falls into place.


After brunch on Saturday in Nashville, we stumbled upon the most incredible arts and crafts fair in The Gulch.  This annual fair, Crafty Bastards, brings together some of the most amazing artists in the area.  Though “arts and crafts fair” sounds a little holly hobby, this is anything but.  The artists were incredible, there were a few food trucks, and even a little live music.  I walked away with a piece of art that I barely fit in my suitcase and a bracelet.  I had to stop myself from spending more.  If you live in Nashville or DC (where the festival originated) or plan to visit the areas, try and plan it around this.


I was so excited Rebekah and Alex joined us on the annual Brooklyn Bar Crawl!  Gaines has organized this outing for years and it’s always fun.  This year, he instituted a brunch before the crawl actually started.  It was fun to have some mimosas and bloodies in a calm environment before hitting the bars.  The food was also delicious and great for soaking up the forthcoming booze.  We had bacon, eggs, sausage, monkey bread, and my hash browns casserole, which was very well received (phew – I was worried since I cooked it at midnight while tipsy!).  As always, we started at the Brazen Head and then hit up about 3 bars in the neighborhood before heading back to the city for drunk food.  It’s the best way to kick off the Fall season!


After much begging, I finally convinced Danielle to join Instagram!  I basically cornered her in her apartment, forced her to set up an account, and showed her how much fun it could be to creep on people.  I’m so happy I was her first follower!