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I was not at all disappointed when our dinner reservation at dell’anima was pushed back an hour.  Sure, 8:30 is a little late to start dinner on a school night, but it meant having an extra hour to check out Anfora, the wine bar directly next door.


Blurry, but you can see the fun chandeliers and exposed brick.  There are several booths along this wall that are great if you want to stay for more than one glass.  It’s neither cozy nor stark – riding right there in the middle.

I don’t know too much about wine.  The one thing I’ve gleaned is that I’m into mineral-y, old world whites.  I’d had a Gruner Veltliner before and knew I liked it, so I was drawn to that when I saw it on the menu.  It comes from the Austria/Slovakia region which seemed appropriate since my parents just came back from a trip there and I was drinking with my beau of Slovakian heritage.  The bartender actually complimented me on my choice, which made me feel all sorts of good about myself and, of course, made me like the bar even more.


Since dinner was pushed back, we snacked on olives and the burrata.  The burrata itself was good but was on top of some peach puree that almost made it taste a bit like cream cheese.  Not bad, just not exactly what I expected.  It was perfect when I didn’t douse it with the puree.  I also love that they served it with toast points that they made by pressing bread in the panini press.  It basically made melba toast like my La La used to make me.  I don’t know why nobody thought of this before when it comes to the bread served with cheese.  I would love to go back for some of their sandwiches.  They smelled soooo good.  Panini and wine is a great combination.


Now that I’ve done some research on this place, I like it even more.  They offer $10 cocktails on Wednesdays and half of wine after midnight every day of the week.  You don’t always see places like this (you know, the classy West Village kind of places) offer specials so this is noteworthy.

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