Thoughts On…Looking Smarter (Prompt)

Ever feel like you need to get something off your chest? Sometimes I’ve just gotta talk it out. That’s why I’ve decided to do a monthly feature called “Thoughts On…” At the beginning of the month, I’ll provide a prompt to stimulate discussion. The point is to get us to put our thoughts out there – writing it all down can be quite cathartic. If you want to keep your writing private, that’s your thing and I won’t question it. If you’re ready to put it all out there, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments. At the end of the month I’ll provide my own thoughts on the topic of the month. Think of it as a book club for writing.

thoughts on - looking smarter

Ever notice how the go-to for girls when they want to be taken seriously is the sexy librarian look?  Oversized glasses + tight clothes is supposed to automatically makes you respectable.  How do you feel about this?

Thought Starters:

  • Do you wear glasses?  What about fake glasses?
  • Do you feel like you’re taken seriously at work?  How much do you think your appearance plays into that?
  • Do men have to deal with this?

grease - glasses