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PSA: Bergdorf’s Holiday Windows

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

Look at me go – already crossing things off my Winter Checklist!  I’m a gal on a mission, I suppose.  One of my favorite things to do each year is check out the holiday windows on 5th Avenue.  If I don’t make it, I’m kicking myself because they’re stunning.  It’s all the oohs and ahhs of a museum without the price of a ticket.  This year I figured out the best way to view the spectacle that is the windows:

  1. Wake up and put on a quintessentially Winter outfit.  A hat with a pom is a must.  windows1
  2. Walk across the street and get coffee.  You’ll be doing a lot of walking and it’s cold out so you’ll need it to stay warm.  I’ll also allow hot tea or cider.
  3. Stop #1: Lord and Taylor.  This is the most low key display.  The windows are old school, but they always cover the scaffolding with garlands and nest little critters in there. windows2
  4. Stop #2: Saks.  This is where the department stores start upping their game.  This year’s theme was the Nutcracker Suite.  There were some cool animated statues and colorful, glittery sweets dancing around.  The real highlight, though, is the light show, so try to check these out at dusk or night.
  5. Take a little break in Bendel’s.  You’ve probably finished your coffee, so this is a good time to warm up and pick up a few goodies for your Xmas shopping.
  6. Stop #3: Bergdorf’s.  This is the motherload.  There has never been a year when these weren’t my favorite.  They always commit to the theme and manage to showcase both the artistry and the couture clothing.  This year’s theme was “Destination Extraordinary,” and each window displayed a different type of adventure in the wild.  It took about .2 seconds for me to realize I was in love with these windows.  The first one I saw was “Destination Extraordinary: The Book Club” and it (like all the windows this year) was green.  Books AND a green color scheme?!  Yes yes yes.  Each window was fabulous
  7. And now you’re done.  I like popping into the Paris theater for an indie film, but you’ve walked almost a mile and a half so I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to head home at this point and grabbing a nice big bowl of pasta.

Destination Extraordinary: The Book Club


Destination Extraordinary: The Scenic Route


Destination Extraordinary: Winging It


Make sure you don’t miss out on this fabulous holiday tradition!


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