3 on Thursday

It’s only been a week and a half of the holiday season and I’m already exhausted.  I maaaay have over-committed, but all the plans are such fun ones!


While in Nashville last month, I discovered Branded Collective.  This nonprofit jewelry designer employs victims of human trafficking.  Each piece features a unique number to represent the physical brand often given to victims of human trafficking.   In addition to liking the look of the line itself (particularly the copper, which is a unique rose gold color), I like the story behind it.  In a small way, I [hopefully] helped empower women and supported local business.  After reading the bio of A, the survivor who stamped my bracelet, I found we had some fun similarities!


What a surprise that my handsome beau got us theater tickets out of nowhere!  We saw A Bronx Tale (the new musical, not the original one-man show).  It was the perfect show for us: Albert loves mob movies, including A Bronx Tale; I love going to Arthur Avenue.  The show, which just launched in previews was fun toe-tapper.  Honestly, the New York Times’ review hit it right on the head.  The only thing I’d add is that it really picks up in the second act.  A fabulous Tuesday night date night!


It’s the Christmas season, which means a trip to Rolf’s was in order.  I don’t even care how packed it gets, you can’t beat the feeling of standing inside a Keebler elf Christmas tree.  This year I learned my lesson.  Knowing how deadly their holiday martini is, I took the following day off to nurse the imminent hangover.