Grabbing a Drink with…Jourdan Cohen

The best way to get to know someone is over a cocktail.  Learn all about some of our favorite folks via the Peaches to Apples questionnaire.

grabbing a drink with - jourdan cohen

So I dropped the ball on this series, but I’m back!  This time, I’ll introduce you to Jourdan Cohen, a former co-worker who is taking the marketing world by storm at Hearst, working on iconic brands like Marie Claire, Town and Country, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

Our interview took place at the Chelsea location of The Meatball Shop.  The Meatball Shop is a solid go-to.  The meatballs and sauces are homey and the restaurant has a chill vibe.  They also have a good (but not overwhelming) drink list that’s reasonably priced.  The food and drinks arrive quickly, but you won’t feel rushed, so it’s a nice place to meet up after work.

  1. What are you drinking right now?   Montepulciano (Editor’s Note: this was said with an Italian hand gesture and an “it’s-a me, Mario” voice)
  2. What dish is your specialty?  Provençale beef stew.  I make it once a year because it’s a six hour process, but it’s so fucking good.
  3. What tv show should we binge when we’re hungover this weekend?  The Crown.  While wearing your most regal pajamas.
  4. What is your favorite restaurant?  Abaleh.  Really good Israeli food.
  5. What is your favorite smell? My Mom makes this one chocolate cake for special occasions, and it’s the most cozy smell.  It makes the whole house smell like chocolate.
  6. If you could have anyone, who would be your dream sous-chef?  Julia Child…but also it would be really embarrassing to be the head chef giving Julia Child orders.
  7. What is your favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving because it’s unabashedly about stuffing your face.  And family.
  8. Sweet or savory?  Savory.
  9. What is the one book you want to loan everyone, but you won’t because it has a permanent spot on your bookshelf?  “All the Light We Cannot See”.  I’d be afraid of someone stealing that one.
  10. Wildcard Question: Since we’re in hardcore holiday mode, what is your favorite holiday tradition?  Jewish Christmas Eve.  We do The Feast of the Five Fishes, Jewish style.  And then we all sit on the couch to watch movies or do an arts and crafts project.

I hope you liked learning a little more about Jourdan!  I particularly loved her family’s take on the Italian tradition of The Feast of the Seven Fishes, replacing the standard calamari and shrimp with smoked fish like lox and whitefish – what a great way to make a holiday your own!