What’s Cookin?

Here’s what’s taking up my brain space this month.

what's cookin dec1
Holiday martini from Rolf’s.  One of these and you’ll be feelin no pain.


  • Restaurants/Bars
    • Salvation Burger reopened last week and I’m so excited.  I went right after it opened and loved it so I was very upset when it had to close shortly thereafter due to a fire.  Now that it’s back, I can’t wait to plan my next visit.
    • I’ve been a big fan of Breads Bakery for a while now (everything they make is bomb), but I’m super excited about their latest product, sufganiyot.  Sufganiyot (soof-gahn-ee-oat) are basically jelly doughnuts, traditionally eaten during Chanukah.  Like latkes, you’re supposed to eat them because they’re fried in oil so you satisfy your sweet tooth while also commemorating the miracle of one-day’s worth of oil lasting 8 crazy nights.
  • Cooking
    • A restaurant is set to open in Brooklyn that will serve a burger/burrito mashup called the burgrito.  While I’m not compelled enough to go to Park Slope to try it, I am intrigued enough to attempt my own, homemade version.
    • So I didn’t know that grate-able maple syrup was a thing.  But now that I know, I feel like I need one.  Wouldn’t this be cool over sweet potatoes or pancakes or ice cream?

what's cookin dec2
Fire escapes in the neighborhood

Food for Thought

  • Got a bookworm on your holiday shopping list?  I love this roundup of bookish gifts that benefit charity.
  • Since you’re probably getting ready to dive into a Netflix binge, consider checking out these movies available for streaming that are based on books.
  • THIS is my kind of Christmas tree!
what's cookin dec3
Thistles are always fun, but silver and gold thistles would make for a cool holiday arrangement.

Bits & Bites

  • I’ve always liked Madewell’s simple, tomboy-leaning, preppy meets boho look.  That’s why I love that they’ve teamed up with Food52 for a housewares/entertaining collection. I need those tea towels!
  • I’ve never seen “Last Tango in Paris,” but it was recently revealed that a rape scene in the movie was filmed without the star’s consent.  In case you’re not following, that means it wasn’t a rape scene; it was rape.  This was a premeditated action on behalf of the director (renowned Bertolucci) and costar (also renowned Marlon Brando).  I am absolutely disgusted.  The lack of respect for Maria Schneider (or women in general) is astounding.  Please, people, learn from this.