Pomegranate White Tea and Grapefruit Hot Toddy

I am not a fan of winter, but it’s not so  bad when it means you can spend a cozy night indoors, snuggled under blankets and watching a movie, knowing you’ve outwitted the cold.  That’s why I was very excited to cross this one item off my  Winter Checklist: create a hot tea cocktail for a night in.

hot toddy1

hot toddy2

I started by boiling the water for tea and placing a tea bag in each mug so it was ready to go.  I used the tea I had on hand, which happened to be pomegranate white tea from Trader Joe’s.  Other tea flavors would still work with this recipe, particularly if it’s a berry tea – berries and citrus are a very winter-y combo.

hot toddy3hot toddy4

While the water was warming up, I peeled a few strips off the grapefruit using a peeler.  I rubbed the rim of the mugs with the peel where the oils will really make the flavor pop.  Then, drop a piece of the peel in each mug, split the grapefruit in half, and squeeze little juice into each mug.  Note: I originally planned to make this with orange, but my beau brought home a mini grapefruit instead, thinking it was an orange. Men. Turns out, the flavor was great so it was a nice happy accident. Next, pour a little whiskey or bourbon into the mug (1/2 a shot to a full shot depending on how wild you want to get).

hot toddy5

Once the tea kettle starts screaming at you, remove it from the heat, fill the mugs with water and let the tea steep for a minute.  Stir a spoonful of honey into each mug, fish out the peel (now that it’s infused the tea with extra flavor), and enjoy!

This cocktail was the perfect accompaniment to our annual viewing of The Family Stone.

hot toddy6